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Zaidi Christo Design was approached by a small business incubator to evaluate an existing space that they already owned and come up with a design concept for how they might transform it into a space for co-working and investor presentations. Critical to the mission of the incubator was creating a space for small start-ups to work collaboratively, while also having the ability to present to potential investors. 

Because the existing space was fairly small, flexibility and versatility were fundamental to the design. Moving furniture, writable surfaces, and various types of storage allow the space to adapt to the needs of its occupants. 




Brooklyn, NY


Design in Progress

The existing room has some built in storage and a mechanical chase next to the entry door. We decided to break the room into 2 zones shaped by the existing layout. New built-in millwork around the entry adds storage while also squaring off the main work space. Custom movable desks and writable partitions allow the space to be reconfigured based on whether the room is being used for working or presentations. A built in bench at the window wall provides informal seating. 




View B_SMALL.jpg

The writable partitions can be used to separate work areas, sketch out ideas, or post informational materials during investor presentations. Because the client also works as a steel fabricator, we chose to go with a more industrial feeling material palette including plate steel and clear finished birch plywood. 


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