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New York, NY


August 2017

Zaidi Christo Design was hired by the property managers of a multi-unit building in Manhattan's East Village neighborhood to survey and redesign one of the studio apartments which had recently been vacated. While the living space was fairly large for a studio apartment, the kitchen and bathroom were very small. The finishes throughout the apartment had also begun to deteriorate. 


With a limited budget for the renovation, the design goal for this project was to maximize the usable space while taking advantage of light materials and the large existing windows to brighten up the apartment and make it feel larger. 

Existing Conditions
49 e 10.jpg

Main living space prior to renovation

2017-08-04 18.46.03.jpg

View toward kitchen prior to renovation

2017-08-04 18.53.17.jpg

Bathroom prior to renovation

2017-08-04 18.48.37.jpg

Kitchen prior to renovation

2017-08-04 19.18.17.jpg

Fireplace prior to renovation

After surveying the unit, we decided to knock down the wall between the kitchen and the living space and reorient the kitchen. This allowed us to open up the kitchen while creating a connection to the main living space. 


Because of the limited space, the layout for the rest of the unit was essentially fixed as it was. In order to brighten up the space, we selected a lighter floor finish in the living space that helped take advantage of the light coming from the large windows. We also provided new finishes in the bathroom, while removing the small tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower.  

Design Phase
49E10_New Plans.JPG
49E10_Demo Plans.JPG

Unit floor plan, before & after

49E10_Kitchen Plans.JPG

Enlarged kitchen plan and elevation

Final Construction
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